An enabler enhancing your borderless mobility life

We, a2network (Thailand) is
An enabler enhancing your borderless mobility life.

Mission Statement

We provide suitable borderless network environment
in order to create convenient and comfortable mobile life style
We create additional value needed
at the supreme level pursuing the supreme supporting level
We realize network product and service for letting people all over the world
feel happiness as fusion company of Japan and Thailand.

Corporate Philosophy and Principle

5C Spilit

  • We fulfill our engagement with customers, business partners and employees
  • We conduct accurate clerical procedures as a person for taking care of assets
  • We develop our business impartially and honestly considering for costomer's values
  • We communicate customers, business partners and employees having appreciation in our mind attiude of equality, fairness and sincerity
  • We regard communication with our customers as the most important and correspond to make an effort toward customers feeling gratitude)
  • We do never hold off on issues pointed out by customers
  • We have responsibilities and prides for our works obeying compliance
  • We keep equal relationship with areas , administrations , religions
  • We base on sharing information inside and satisfaction of attaining our object with our company as teamwork
  • We move forward leaving past and custom and always challenging corresponding to hectic changing of ebvironment
  • We adopt ourselves considering every incidents surrounding us constructively and be subject of role of innovation
  • We have positiveness and adaptability , request continuous improvement and provide high quality of services to customers
  • We look beyond and meet needs of our customers having wide foresight and knowledge
  • We create various values with freeing from being captured for estabblished conception
  • We expand our business fields infinitely with uniting network services and other industries